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Why VND?

Because we believed that customer experiences  is the best policy in the business.  Many years of being trusted by our customers is something that we take seriously .

We are established with only one reason which is to provide customers with quality products, caring service and value pricing.


What Customer Experiences Means to Us

Our relationship with customers is the core of our business. We engage with our customer every days and we have developed loyal customers over the years because of these core values. The experiences that we provide will equal to every single customers. It is our spirit from the beginning of the day to give our best to respect and appreciate them. That is what customer experiences means to us —and how it lasts.

PT Vinidy Mandiri Indonesia (VND) has been established as a Provider for health products in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our business model is based on the concentration of providing high quality of services and product for the consumer in Indonesia.


My Account

-       Basic account

  • You are able to have your own account which will help you to make a purchase and to track your procurement history
  • With your account, you can save your own delivery address whether it is to your home, your office or any other address that you like


-       Sign up

  • To create your account, it is extremely easy! Just click Sign up button and fill your detail accordingly.
  • Don’t forget  to sign up our newsletter to get regular update about the promotion
  • Once you fill your detail, you will get confirmation email to your email address and you are ready to go!


-       Sign in

  • To Sign in, please click Sign in button and just fill your email address and your password.
  • After Sign in, you are already in your account and you could do the activities such as make a purchase and track your order history.


-       Information

  • This is to show your personal information such as your complete name as well as your email address.
  • You can click Edit if you have changes in the future


-       Password

  • You can click Edit if you want to change your password here anytime.


-       Address book

  • In this tab, you could add your address for delivery and you can add several addresses that you want.
  • After you fill in the address, you could name it according your selection such as Home, Office, Warehouse etc.


-       Order History

  • In this tab, you could see your order history so you will know what your selection before, and what product you going to buy in the future.


-       Sign out

  • If you using different devices for sign in, it is important for you to sign out so your personal information will be safe.

My bag

-       How to buy

  • VND creates an extremely easy shopping experience just for you. Just click the product that you like and then you could click “Add to Cart” Button. And afterwards, the product will be shown up in “My Bag”


-       Selecting the product

  • We give you variety of products which has been sort into the categories. You could select the categories you want, select the product that you like and read all the information needed and then you could add to your bag.


-       Product categories

  • In these product categories, there are several selections such as Bone Health, Heart and many others.
  • With these categories, you could filter your selection easily and choose the right product for you
  • We have sort the product according to the category and some of the products can be shown in several categories because the functions are general such as Vitamin C can help to improve your immunity as well as to improve your heart improvement. 


-       How to make payment

  • Once you have selected all products that you want, in “My Bag” ,you could easily click “Check out” button
  • After check out, there will be a confirmation of your shipping address and your product selection as well as total amount that you should pay. If there is change, you could go back to shopping and edit the address or edit the product that you want to add or reduce.
  • If you have the voucher, please type the voucher code and it will applied to your order automatically.


-       Order  confirmation

  • Once you confirmed, the system will request your shipping method (there is several selection such as JNE, Gojek etc) as wells as the total amount that need to be paid.
  • There will be bank information for you to transfer
  • There will be additional notes if you want to add special notes such as “Please send it today”
  • And finally you could click the “Complete Order”
  • Once you click the “Complete Order” button, there will be order confirmation with your Order ID as well as the detail that you have filled before. You are required to do the payment within 48 hours before the system cancel the order automatically.
  • An email has been sent to you and once you make the payment, you could click the confirm payment in your email.


-       Payment confirmation

  • In the confirm payment , you are required to fill in the detail such as the Order ID, your bank account , payment amount as well as the payment date.
  • After fill in, please click “Submit” Button
  • Your order will be processes immediately

Shipping and returns

-       Our shipment method

  • We use several esteemed courier services such as JNE, TIKI or GoJek
  • You could have selection of the services and the cost of the shipping will be shown and will be added to your order


-       Returns policy

  • If the products seal is broken or opened once you received it, we will replace you a new one. Please be sure that we have checked everything before send to our customer.
  • Returns policy only valid for 2 days after the receiving date.
  • Pictures of the products must be sent to us for proof of return policy


-       How and when do I get my refund?

  • Once you have taken the pictures of the broken seal and products , you must sent the pictures to us immediately along with the Order ID by email.
  • We will verify the order and the pictures within 5 working days and then after it is confirmed, You must sent the products to us.
  • Once we received the products, we will send the product replacement to you for free or refund your payment in full amount.

Order Status

-       My order status

  • You can check your order status in the Order Status Tab
  • Please fill in your Order ID and your email address
  • The system will send you the status of your order immediately

Need more help?

-       Contact us

  • Please send your questions by email to us, css@vinidy.co.id
  • We will respond to your query as fast as we could 



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